Aakhya Media Services

One stop specialty communications, with expertise in Public relations and Publishing.

Offers 360° Communication solutions

By leveraging the dynamic professional network of our young and energetic team.

Our Expertise

An integrated, multi-discipline communications firm conducting

- Research, analysis and interpretation of data

- Documentation and publication of research work

- Effective communication campaigns ensuring maximum mileage and goodwill for clients

- Conferences and special events with invaluable and niche focused industry insights and guaranteed publicity


1. Our differentiating approach to PR is focussed on aligning an organization’s higher aim with what it does, and with what it says

2. We have deeper, richer, subject matter knowledge than the typical branding firm

3. We work at a more practical level – in more intellectual depth – and our work has to convert immediately to action

4. Our approach to communications is based on the principle that it is crucial for companies to build relationships with all of their stakeholders. We believe that the success of an organization lies in ensuring that client relationships are enhanced throughout the sphere of cross-influence

5. We have the creative resources to do the work ourselves and the experience to choose the best outside suppliers as well